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Climate at Hyper-Local Scales: Engaging the Public to Study the Ecology of Our Homes and Bodies
Invited talk to Science Boot Camp Southeast for Science Librarians, 18 July 2014
This is your science
NC State College of Sciences Magazine, 11 July 2014
NC State researchers enlist the help of citizen scientists
Raleigh News & Observer, 11 July 2014
From the Amazon to the Belly Button: How I ended up studying (& talking about) biodiversity in curious places
North Carolina Governor’s School West, Salem College, 3 July 2014
These mites live on your face and come out to have sex at night, 11 June 2014
The Biodiversity in Our Daily Lives: Partnering With the Public to Study the Species Living on Us, in Us, and Around Us
Hauber Chair of Biology Lecture, St. Ambrose University, 12 February 2014
Newest house pest? The camel cricket
vetSTREET, 5 November 2013
Science fair entries that look beyond the baking soda volcano
WUNC, 22 July 2013
Science needs your dead cicadas
The Atlantic CityLab, 3 June 2013
Scientist: Cicadas can mate first before being studied
Greensboro News & Record, 10 June 2013
GET Conference — Wild Life of Our Homes
Video presentation, 26 April 2013
Find biodiversity in your backyard
Raleigh News & Observer, 13 January 2013
Wild Ideas Podcast
Podcast from the Wildnerness Center, 24 May 2012 — Dr. Holly’s interview begins at 18:50
CITIZEN SCIENCE: Orwellian Plot or Awesome Way to Help with Research?
Carolina Science Café (with Dr. Andrea Lucky), 5 April 2012
Citizen science with Dr. Holly Menninger
WKNC’s Mystery Roach, 24 March 2012
Monster bug cakes
Cornell Chronicle: The essentials blog, 6 January 2011
Holly Menninger on Food Network’s Monster Bugs
Entomological Society of America eNews, 6 January 2011
Creepy crawlies and bad news bugs: invasive species in New York
Science Cabaret on Air, 6 December 2009
Snakehead fish, emerald ash borer, chronic wasting disease, oh my! Holly Menninger, coordinator of the New York Invasive Species Research Institute describes some of the most worrisome invasive species making their way across New York State now, and what we can do to help slow their spread — and save our fragile ecosystems too.
New Cornell institute focuses on invasive species
Cornell Chronicle, 7 August 2008
CNN’s American Morning – Battling summer’s mosquitoes successfully
4 July 2006
CNN’s American Morning – Summer insect forecast
30 May 2005
CNN’s American Morning – What mosquito repellants are most effective?
29 April 2005
The Biologist and the Buzz
Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 June 2004
CNN’s American Morning – Why are some people more susceptible to mosquitoes than others?
1 June 2004
CNN’s American Morning – Periodical cicadas
21 May 2004